The Sleeper Sleeps Again

Resolute is not caught sleeping; Kerafyrm goes down for a dirt nap!

With a full 54 man raid we entered Cyrstallos, and in true Resolute fashion, laid waste to every encounter with zero wipes.  We ended up completing this expac in about 3.5 weeks, sticking to our normal spouse friendly schedule.

The guild is stronger than it has ever been, and we all look forward to continued success in SoD.

Well done Team!

Resolute Sets the Sun on Fire

Resolute completes The Buried Sea in four days!

Without skipping a beat the guild came together and knocked out the required faction/quests to enter Solteris.   Resolute conquered Solteris on one raid night and finally (maybe?) put Mayong out of his misery.

The Fall of Dragons and Giants

Resolute shatters The Serpent’s Spine in 9 days!

After a collective effort to achieve level 75 and grind faction, Resolute conquered both Ashengate and Frostcrypt, putting an end to the reign of Lethar the Black Dragon and Beltron the Shade King.

Death Bells for Ayonae Ro

Resolute completes the Prophecy of Ro in 1.5 weeks!

After an amazing collective effort by the all of the guilds that farmed progression key components, Resolute conquered the Tower of Dissonance with no extra raid days added to our schedule.

Among our spoils was the chilling Ghostrider’s Bridle.  Congratulations to Loven for becoming one of (if not the) first owner of this mount on the server!

With both Deathknell and Demiplane on farm, we are very much looking forward to delving into The Serpent’s Spine expansion in May!

Mayong Mistmoore reigns no more

Mayong Mistmoore fell to Resolute. Depths of Darkhollow is now complete and was actually a really fun expansion!

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