Through The Looking Glass

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? “Anashti Sul,” the mirror said, but she turned out to be undead. Therefore we did like pallies do, and slayed the witch a time or two. Now when the achievements are all done, we’ll have sweet augs for everyone, to boost our heals and DPS, ensuring that we’ll stay the best. Farm gear up quick, that’s what we’ll do: new bosses in a month or two!

-Dr Aethelred. Officer, Paladin, Vertically Challenged Poet


Most of us have long since given up on unraveling the incomprehensible threads of Everquest lore. Lanys made yet another appearance in The Darkened Sea, this time in cooperation with “The Combine,” some sort of Neo-Roman Imperial imitators.

We here at Resolute had a bit of a Combine in store for them as well. Welcoming an influx of very talented new raiders from Arcane Ascensions, we rode roughshod through Arx Mentis, one-shotting every raid encounter presented against us. Perhaps we’re the Neo-Visigoths in this analogy. Nonetheless, all their frustratingly similar, Latin-named weapons now rest in our hands, ready to cut down our pixelated enemies as we forge onward into the Broken Mirror!

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The Forsaken Have Been Called

Something pithy, something pithy, second renaissance reference….

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90% Rez to Cazic-Thule

It took us about two weeks to complete the expansion after the devs unlocked T3/4 for the server. Well done team!

Rain of Fear brought many cool new features to the game including:
-Shawl 3.0
-Fun class weapons
-Agro Meter
-Incredible augs
-Huge gear mudflation jump (where T1 > T4 from last expac)
-Shards Landing – a central zone with ports to all of the expac zones, plus all of the important merchant npc’s in one easy to reach location.

It also seems that EQ re-birthed its self with how we earn the xp for lvls and aa’s. This new renaissance is a paradigm shift from the pure xp grind that EQ is known for and more towards actual quests/collections that give amazing xp/aa as rewards.

On a side note, this expac seems to have polarized players. They either love it or hate it. We have lost some good players, but we also picked up a bunch of new incredible players from EoE, which has helped pushed Resolute to even greater heights. Raiding with a waitlist is a good thing!

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The Triunity Tests our Sanity

Welcome to the era of raid currency, open zones from the start, new Guild halls, needing small groups just to take down group named and more difficult raid mechanics. Some would consider this modern EQ. The fifth Renaissance in many ways.

The devs responsible for designing the raids this expansion can go straight to hell. These were some of the hardest raid fights we have ever faced, most requiring extensive personal responsibility. We are now getting to the eras where not all the raid info is easily found online. Even so, Resolute being Resolute, beat the expansion within a month, maintaining our spouse friendly schedule of three set raid nights a week.

Well done team! A victory well earned. Looking forward to RoF!

Farewell to Morell

In true Resolute dps heavy fashion, we smashed through HoT in about a month, earning the number 2 spot on the server (not that it mattered to us).  All while maintaining our spouse friendly schedule.  Well done team!

HoT has been an amazing expac for XP and easily attainable 1400hp group gear.  Great for catching up alts or long lost mains.  Not to mention housing and trophies.

Officer Aethelred, our levitationally challenged pally wrote a short poem summarizing this expac:

Morell Thule no longer rules, we always thought he was a tool. We stomped him with mad DPS, to prove that we are still the best. Terris his sister and cazic his dad, also got it pretty bad. Their nightmare world was pretty neat, but nothing that we couldn’t beat. Who plucked their lineage by the root? The lovely folks in Resolute! And now we farm til VOA, reaping more loot by the day. To pass the time for xp’s sake, I guess I’ll wreck rotdogs and snakes.

Its a fine poem Aethel, but it still does not quite explain how flash works.

Want in on some of this awesome sauce?

Recruitment is now open for most classes.  Priest APP’s can get a 75 DKP bonus.  Monk class is closed forever.  Check our app link for more details:

The First Creation Castration

Underfoot has by far been the most challenging expansion we have faced, but it has also been the most rewarding!

The devs enabled double loot and flags which allowed us to clear all of Underfoot in a little over a month.

This expansion brought many new cool toys/functionality to the table, one of them being the extended target window. EQ has in many ways entered its second renaissance.

This is an amazing EQ victory. Well done team!

Brekt Gets Rekt!

Resolute steamrolls through another TLP expansion!

We completed SoD in about 2.5 weeks, sticking to our normal spouse friendly schedule.

SoD had been a loot pinata! With the plethora of standard raids, hard modes and OMM, we have been swimming in loot.

With the addition of amazing group loot for alts, OMM missions/raids and mercenary’s, EQ has in many ways has entered its second renaissance.

While its sad to see monks starting to fall behind in DPS, its been amazing to watch Berserkers starting to break through to the next level, getting peaks and foreshadows of true ultra instinct.

The guild is stronger than it has ever been, and we all look forward to continued success in Underfoot.

Well done Team!

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