In a world where many different classes in EverQuest can solo well, one rogue tries to find a way to improve their skills to be able to solo. See the journey of the game’s most unfriendly solo class as he acquires the power to fulfill his solo dreams!

As the Planes of Power expansion wore on, I began thinking it would be cool to organize an event where people of the same class could go out into the world and try to kill the most impressive bosses/mobs they could solo, without outside help/buffs. I decided to test myself and the idea for this video was born. As I started making the movie and editing it, the storyline was added afterwards. Don’t let the 20 minute length of the movie scare you away! Watch and leave feedback 🙂

Really great job Rovell, I’m a film producer and you it’s a very well put together video, you obviously are good at it! You had a lot of nice bags too…! Thanks for sharing!


Rovell, seriously you are number one. This made me laugh super hard, thanks for this 🙂


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