Planes of Power

Wow time flies when you’re having fun! It’s been over 4 months since our last update which announced our conquering of the Planes of Power. Well, we’re STILL in the Planes of Power expansion (okay they turned on Legacy of Ykesha and Lost Dungeons of Norrath as well, but those aren’t noteworthy) anxiously awaiting the next expansion, Gates of Discord, which is only 21 days away! By the time it arrives, we’ll have been farming Quarm in Time for almost 5 months…

So what have we been doing to keep things interesting? Videos! Suvus created a Weekly Update segment and I also started dabbling in video and released my very first one: #OneRogue, a few weeks ago and more recently I released a montage of our guild raiding Planes of Power. Don’t worry… it’s an action-packed 3-minute video that’s gotten some pretty stellar feedback from the community thus far!

So dope! I’ve never seen a better raid montage. Hope it inspires people to be more cinematic.


In all seriousness, I’ve always disliked every single guild/raid montage video people have posted on the forums, they were all crap IMO. This one though, this one is the first good one I’ve seen.


With that said, our guild is ready for Gates of Discord, our numbers are strong, motivation level high and we can’t wait to kick butt and take names starting in 3 weeks!

Oh and we like the video thing, so expect to see more videos from Resolute and crew!


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