Rain of Fear

90% Rez to Cazic-Thule

It took us about two weeks to complete the expansion after the devs unlocked T3/4 for the server. Well done team!

Rain of Fear brought many cool new features to the game including:
-Shawl 3.0
-Fun class weapons
-Agro Meter
-Incredible augs
-Huge gear mudflation jump (where T1 > T4 from last expac)
-Shards Landing – a central zone with ports to all of the expac zones, plus all of the important merchant npc’s in one easy to reach location.

It also seems that EQ re-birthed its self with how we earn the xp for lvls and aa’s. This new renaissance is a paradigm shift from the pure xp grind that EQ is known for and more towards actual quests/collections that give amazing xp/aa as rewards.

On a side note, this expac seems to have polarized players. They either love it or hate it. We have lost some good players, but we also picked up a bunch of new incredible players from EoE, which has helped pushed Resolute to even greater heights. Raiding with a waitlist is a good thing!

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