Gates of Discord

Tunat’Muram Defeated

Just what the doctor ordered, the release of a new expansion, Gates of Discord and its glorious, fresh content! Resolute did its thing and was strong out of the Gates on raid days, taking just 1 week to beat the entire expansion.

After some early challenges with an NPC that ate our turn-in items after Ikkin3 and some bad luck on our first ZM’TZ raid, having successfully killed High Priest meant we were going to have Tacvi access even though ZM’TZ wasn’t defeated initially. Our first Tacvi raid resulted in a very dead Tunat after he was zerged to death with Vet Rewards, that didn’t make for a very good screenshot, so pictured above is our very next kill where no Jesters or Steadfast Servants were used – just good ol’ fashioned Resolute beatdown.

What a BIC!

The days of wasting away leveling up the LDoN charm are thankfully replaced with days of wasting away questing for BIC (Breakdown in Communications). Congratulations are in order to Zanadar for completing Resolute’s very first BIC on 7/27/17. The reward is an aug that will last several expansions and anybody… ANYBODY… with bag space and time (but mostly bag space), can complete it.

Server First 65 Berserker!

Rovell and crew were counting down the days to GoD launch to execute a plan that had been in the works for weeks. The challenge? How to level 1-65 in the least amount of time and become Phinigel’s very first level 65 Berserker. The answer? A lot of research, preparation were needed. Upon launch, solid execution and help from up to fifteen different people over time helped make this goal become a reality!

End result? 1-65 in 9 hours and 57 minutes.

The leveling path this crazy crew took was: Warrens -> Mistmoore -> Dalnir -> City of Mist -> Droga. Below, a chart that shows how much time was spent in each 5 level increment. For example, it took 2 minutes to hit level 5. Then 4 minutes to go from level 5 to level 10. An interesting observation is that it took more time to get from 10 to 15 than it did from 45 to 50… Hint: Move on from Warrens sooner next time!

As you can imagine, there were many congratulations in order, and some flaming. For the record, yes all of his skills were quickly maxed. Yes Resolute carried the Zerker on its first raids on Thursday, but after that it was a non-issue as Rovell geared up quickly.

Until next time!

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