Aten Ha Ra and her cohorts fall to Resolute

After two frustrating weeks of instance issues, Resolute finally set foot in Vex Thal this past Sunday with a raid force of 40 strong. Over the next 5 hours and 30 minutes, we laid waste to boss after boss, collecting their loot as we made our way to Aten Ha Ra.

Goodbye AHR

As we engaged Aten Ha Ra, during the fight we were reminded that our instance had only 15 minutes left and we weren’t going to have another Vulak’Aerr situation on our hands like we did the first week of Velious so everybody stepped up their game and we got AHR down and had enough time to do loot and take pictures.

Next week we’ll have 72 in Vex Thal no doubt but doing it with 40 and not skipping every boss¬†is an accomplishment we can be proud of!

Great job Resolute, /farmstatus on.

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