Velious Conquered by Resolute in Just 24 Days

Resolute Clears ST 2.0

An unexpected turn of events led to Kerafyrm, The Sleeper, being awakened ahead of schedule last week on June 4th much to the dismay of the server. While no longer having access to ST 1.0 loot is disappointing, what’s even more disappointing is the fact that ST 2.0 instancing is broken and the only way to kill the Ancient Dragons currently is in Open World.

We would have to wait a full week to find the Ancient Dragons up and available. When our opportunity came, we rose to the occasion and with a raid force of 21 of Resolute’s finest, we introduced the Ancients to our brand of justice by promptly laying waste to every last one of them.

Kildrukaun the Ancientkwin

Vyskudra the Ancient

Zeixshi`Kar the Ancientzwin

Vyskudra the Ancientvwin

Having killed Tunare last week, with ST 2.0 falling to Resolute, we can proudly claim to have conquered the Velious expansion in just 24 days!

Tunare no match for Resolute


Last week, Resolute ventured into the Plane of Growth and killed Tunare.

We now shift our focus to farming the best gear possible for our members as we look forward and onward to the Luclin expansion in a few months.

Interested in Resolute? We are still recruiting a few good people.

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