Into the fire and oh so close…

Velious is here! We’re so thrilled to have new raid content after spending oh so many weeks in Kunark.

So what has Resolute been up to this week?

On Thursday, our first Velious raid day, we dispatched Sontalak, Klandicar, Zlandicar, Derakor The Vindicator, King Tormax, Statue of Rallos Zek and the Idol of Rallos Zek. We also had two attempts at the Avatar of War. We learned a few things and we’re confident we’ll have him down next week.

On Sunday, we ventured into NTOV for the first time and we beat every encounter except for Lord Vyemm on our first try.¬†We had fun killing Ikatiar The Venom, Eashen of the Sky, Lord Fleshlight (that’s what we call him), Dagarn The Destroyer, Lord Kreizenn, Lady Nevederia, Jorlleag, Lady Mirenilla, Lord Koi’doken and Lord Vyemm. By the time we spawned Vulak’Aerr, we ran out of time in our DZ/Instance and we were left wondering what if…. Oh so close. We’ll make adjustments and win next week too.

So Velious is here, we’re off to a great start and we’re always on the lookout for great people. If you’re interested in Resolute, we’re recruiting!

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