Quarm Defeated

Fresh off of Fennin Ro and Xegony kills on Thursday to complete our flagging requirements, Sunday we entered the Plane of Time with one agenda: Destroy Quarm.

The first few phases flew by and then we encountered the HardestMob(tm) in the expansion: Tallon Zek. Nope it’s not Quarm, Rallos Zek, Bertox or any other boss… It’s not even twin brother Vallon Zek; it’s absolutely Tallon Zek. After a couple of attempts it was clear something needed to change. Once we got our act together and reworked our raid’s positioning, Tallon died and the previously open floodgates reopened as we killed everything else, including Quarm.

Adding it all up, we defeated the expansion in roughly 25 hours of official raiding time. How does that stack up versus the competition? It’s not tracked officially anywhere so we’ll never know. What we do know is, by our account, we completed the expansion very efficiently and effectively and more importantly, on our own terms.


Earlier this week…

Xegony, the Queen of Air died on Thursday.

And, we also killed Fennin Ro, Tyrant of Fire on Thursday.

Until LDoN, or something else of significance, ’til next time.

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