Two more down, one more to go…


We took two more steps towards finishing all in-era content in Classic this evening as we dispatched Innoruuk and all minis in Hate.

Hate Loot:

Bloodstar Pendant: Congrats Deviron!
Brewer’s Mesh Cloak: Congrats Healzer!
Dawnchaser: Congrats Rivers!
Eye of Innoruuk: Congrats Captainatrophy & Zanador!
Icebelt: Congrats Bolten!
Rod of Infinite Thought: Congrats Yavinmaya!
Six Note Blade: Congrats Impromptu!
Staff of Elemental Master – Earth: Congrats Wawkin!
Triumphant Mask: Congrats Radium!


Earlier this evening, we started our raids with a quick Master Yael kill. Our last target to finish up all Classic encounters is Plane of Sky. Stay tuned for more from Resolute!

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