Resolute ends Cazic Thule’s rule


Resolute took another step forward this evening with our first kill of Dracoliche and Cazic Thule with a raid force of 48 people. We got Dracoliche on an “oops” pull when we were pulling the last few mobs around him and managed a clean death with very minimal casualties.

Then, as fate would have it, once again we “oops” pulled Cazic Thule this time (see a theme here? learning how to play again is a part of the fun on this server…) and wiped at 0%… ZERO percent… We all had a good laugh at that one, picked ourselves back up and setup for a real attempt where we ended him swiftly.

Earlier this evening, we started our raid day with a quick Lady Vox kill.

Cazic Thule Loot

Amulet of Necropotence – Grats Healzer

Staff of the Earthcaller – Grats Alluvin & Nickatrop

Staff of Rainbow Hues – Grats Comatoses

Dracoliche Loot

Bone Clasped Girdle – Grats Captainatrophy

Lady Vox Loot

Runed Bolster Belt – Grats Theory

White Dragonscale Cloak – Grats Blastum

White Dragon Scale – Grats Impromptu

Dragon Bone Bracelet – Grats Comatoses

Fun night! We really feel like we’re coming into our own. We’ve only got Yael, Innoruuk and Sky to clear to finish out classic and we feel like we’re more than capable of clearing all three once we get a shot with instances being fixed next week.

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