Resolute Clears Classic In-Era

Resolute clears Classic In-Era

Eye of Veeshan has fallen to Resolute! This is an extremely proud moment for our guild because it means we have now cleared all content in-era.

To put things into perspective, we started on this server as a new guild with very humble beginnings. A handful of ambitious people shared a vision to build a reputable raiding guild that could tackle any encounter. We decided very early on that we were going to adhere to two official raid days a week (Thursdays and Sundays) and never on Fridays or Saturdays so that we could be family/spouse-friendly. We wondered if it would be possible to clear all content in-era without adding a third raid day. It took us a little while to efficiently kill all of Hate/Vox/Yael on Thursdays and all of Fear/Nagafen and the first few islands of Sky on Sundays… Would we need to move Sky to its own night, a third night? Nope!

We challenged ourselves to become as efficient as possible on raid days so that we could clear everything without adding the third day in Classic. The hardest part was having enough time to farm keys in instances only as we don’t generally compete for open world content. Tonight, we proved to ourselves that we’re capable of a lot and that our future is¬†bright and optimistic as we await the encounters Kunark has to offer!

Tonight’s Raiding Menu & Loot:¬†

Innoruuk & Minis/Stro

Bloodstar Pendant: Grats Vabtoo!
Skinner’s Belt: Grats Smallbites!
Pauldrons of Power: Grats Kushiel!
Cloak of Scales: Grats Fragile!
Rod of Infinite Thought: Grats Saffron!
Kelin’s Seven String Lute: Grats Rivers!
Evensong: Grats Dagnarus!
Staff of Elemental Mastery – Fire: Grats Bernz!
Staff of Elemental Mastery – Earth: Grats Bernz!

Plane of Sky


Lord Nagafen

Cloak of Flames: Grats Smallbites!
Gauntlets of Fiery Might: Grats Mugginz!
Selos’ Drum of March: Grats Dagnarus!
Treasure Hunter’s Satchel: Grats Yavinmaya!

See you all in Kunark in 2 weeks!


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