Resolute Staff

Resolute goes to the moon

and knocks on the doors to Vex Thal

Resolute closes the door on Vulak’Aerr (and more)

Then, 14 of our members ventured into Sleeper’s Tomb for the first time… how did we do?

The Avatar of War has met its match

Resolute defeats the giant city of Kael Drakkel.

Into the fire and oh so close…

Many many bosses fall to Resolute on our first two raid days in Velious.

Resolute Clears Kunark In Just 29 Days!

Veeshan’s Peak (and everything else) conquered…

Not one Gorenaire down… but two!

Gorenaire and Severilous are Resolute’s latest victims.

Add two more to the list…

Resolute destroyed Venril Sathir and Trakanon this evening…

We’re off to a great start in Kunark

Talendor and Faydedar succumb to the might of Resolute

Resolute Clears Classic In-Era

With the of Eye of Veeshan falling to Resolute, we completed the last encounter needed to clear all Classic content in-era.

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