Month: June 2019

Farewell to Morell

In true Resolute dps heavy fashion, we smashed through HoT in about a month, earning the number 2 spot on the server (not that it mattered to us).  All while maintaining our spouse friendly schedule.  Well done team!

HoT has been an amazing expac for XP and easily attainable 1400hp group gear.  Great for catching up alts or long lost mains.  Not to mention housing and trophies.

Officer Aethelred, our levitationally challenged pally wrote a short poem summarizing this expac:

Morell Thule no longer rules, we always thought he was a tool. We stomped him with mad DPS, to prove that we are still the best. Terris his sister and cazic his dad, also got it pretty bad. Their nightmare world was pretty neat, but nothing that we couldn’t beat. Who plucked their lineage by the root? The lovely folks in Resolute! And now we farm til VOA, reaping more loot by the day. To pass the time for xp’s sake, I guess I’ll wreck rotdogs and snakes.

Its a fine poem Aethel, but it still does not quite explain how flash works.

Want in on some of this awesome sauce?

Recruitment is now open for most classes.  Priest APP’s can get a 75 DKP bonus.  Monk class is closed forever.  Check our app link for more details:

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