Month: September 2017

Overlord Overthrown

In just a little over 4 days, Resolute has overthrown the head honcho of the Citadel of Anguish, Overlord Mata Muram, to complete the Omens of War expansion.

Classic took us almost all era to complete. Kunark 29 days, Velious 24 days, Luclin 18 days, PoP 16 days, GoD 8 days and now OoW in 4… It’s honestly bittersweet in a nostalgic kind of way. The days of having to invest large amounts of time to farm levels, gear and keys/flags (thankful for this one) appear to be over and finishing expansions in short order is the new norm. There’s something to be said about having to grind it out; the accomplishments feel more rewarding maybe? So be it! Resolute will do its share of loot farming in Anguish as we await Dragons of Norrath in December.

With that being said, we were scheduled to do Anguish on Tuesday but after some solid grinding of levels and a ton of cooperation helping each other get our signets, we were ready ahead of schedule so we finished our last two remaining MPG raid trials on Sunday and decided to venture into Anguish to see how far we could get. Our force of 48 strong moved in, dispatching boss after boss and suddenly we realized we were at the end and only OMM was left… Excitement (and nerves) overcame our raid force as we saw what was next… We hadn’t expected to get this far this soon, nor did we invest any time learning these encounters on Test prior to expansion launch so we thought we would learn by doing and had allocated 3 hours of potential wipes to get it done.

We wiped on our very first attempt, made some adjustments and then proceeded to take OMM to 20% to trigger phase two. We worked our way back and our lack of experience with the encounter led to us clicking up and not immediately engaging OMM so the encounter reset and our hearts broke has we watched him go from 20% life back up to 100%… UGH!!! We reset and refocused ourselves and did the event again, got it to phase two and then worked our way back. This time, upon clicking up we engaged immediately and shortly thereafter we beat the encounter. That win felt like a real accomplishment. It’s been a while since an end-game boss made us feel that way.


PS: If you would be interested in playing a druid, bard or warrior in <Resolute>, hit up Rovell in-game for a discussion. We’re looking to add one of each!


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